Tim Rodgers Jr


Sometimes I’ll write and sometimes I’ll write along side a photograph.

Fresh Cut Green Grass

Fresh cut green grass - dew drops settle fast

as thoughts proceed to shift past a mind’s tainted


"This is the last time!" stated and proclaimed.

But legion’s lesions for momentary feelings?

...seems as though those can never be tamed.

- Alive & Awake?

When all is found in false promises and

mistaken identities

masks protect from the most

covert enemy and a cryptic slang talk

covers steps ( at least it seems )

- a deviation from…a narrow paths walk

Got ‘em lost in fallen dreams.

- Alive & Awake?

Fresh cut green grass….

Dew drops settle fast….

Written epitaphs display birth and death

have you fiending for something better

open letter to the last night.

Timothy Rodgers Jr.