Tim Rodgers Jr


Sometimes I’ll write and sometimes I’ll write along side a photograph.

To know your name.

Certainly death is certain this is guaranteed it's important  to live each day fluidly - fluently we communicate our past truancy to those that cannot see - if they continue that way, they'll see exactly where that path'll lead. Taking heed to what was spoken to Moses on a mountain's lean - got me counting my fingers wondering what kind of fiend I've been. Millions of eyes have seen and heard it before back when Abe Lincoln was hollerin' out "four score!", ears don't listen yet are itchin' on a search for more. What's it for? Naked we enter and death leaves us as we came. We're often caught in battles that dismember our holy frames. no matter how you hear it it's spoken all the same - You are loved dearly - Hope to get to know your name.


Timothy Rodgers Jr.