Tim Rodgers Jr


Sometimes I’ll write and sometimes I’ll write along side a photograph.

Paris Alleyways
photo: Jayne Lee

photo: Jayne Lee

Found in musk & rain drenched alleyways the music escapes anticipating the eardrums patterned repetition - taking a listen the feet of lovers glide slow across cobblestone stairways wonderin when their newfound love will get its own airplay...cause they make it beautiful together.

Timothy Rodgers Jr.
To know your name.

Certainly death is certain this is guaranteed it's important  to live each day fluidly - fluently we communicate our past truancy to those that cannot see - if they continue that way, they'll see exactly where that path'll lead. Taking heed to what was spoken to Moses on a mountain's lean - got me counting my fingers wondering what kind of fiend I've been. Millions of eyes have seen and heard it before back when Abe Lincoln was hollerin' out "four score!", ears don't listen yet are itchin' on a search for more. What's it for? Naked we enter and death leaves us as we came. We're often caught in battles that dismember our holy frames. no matter how you hear it it's spoken all the same - You are loved dearly - Hope to get to know your name.


Timothy Rodgers Jr.

These are the clowns

with their melancholy smiles 

- Yes they love to make you laugh

If only for awhile

they can’t juggle all day

At some point the tents come down. 

Timothy Rodgers Jr.
A word’s worth

A word’s worth is within it’s work but it’s worse when these words hurt. 

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit. - Proverbs 18:21” 

Timothy Rodgers Jr.
Fresh Cut Green Grass

Fresh cut green grass - dew drops settle fast

as thoughts proceed to shift past a mind’s tainted


"This is the last time!" stated and proclaimed.

But legion’s lesions for momentary feelings?

...seems as though those can never be tamed.

- Alive & Awake?

When all is found in false promises and

mistaken identities

masks protect from the most

covert enemy and a cryptic slang talk

covers steps ( at least it seems )

- a deviation from…a narrow paths walk

Got ‘em lost in fallen dreams.

- Alive & Awake?

Fresh cut green grass….

Dew drops settle fast….

Written epitaphs display birth and death

have you fiending for something better

open letter to the last night.

Timothy Rodgers Jr.
Stretched Out

He stood tall among these And was in awe of how much he stretched out and touched above the places he had once known. Closer views that shift and order muse - a gift. The process often avoided cause high costs And the folly in debt, a fortunes dues - regret. Can really do some damage and skew a mind’s view. But with gentleness it came - A dispenser of intrepid whispers it contained And all they really told him was just to be. So he stood - …and remained.

Timothy Rodgers Jr.

with the alarm clock ringing
I was dreaming , 
I was smiling, 
I was gleaming and it was seeming, 
like things were going quite alright in the scene I was caught in -
Then this buzz had to hop in and ruin it all -

I slammed my hand down.


…and if I had the choice I would choose 

to get back to wherever it is I was.


That thought is sickening I tried to get back to sleep again

to peep the end of what was the most amazing chapter

I’d be believing in.

Dug deep back in my covers

with the tenacity just to peep

yet with a slight cringe….

but my previous rapid-eye-moves now moot

I move


Fluff the pillow and wish…

- but it was half past noon

Timothy Rodgers Jr.
Destination So Distant
Photo by:  Gordon Geiseking |  Caption:   It is time to start grounding the needs, wants and desires

Photo by: Gordon Geiseking | Caption: It is time to start grounding the needs, wants and desires

Destination so distant
infact in an instant -
I was wishing I could settle back. 
They call it home where love and lives dwell - 
but through this dark and dank forest
my feet must first propel. 

- So I walk swiftly.

Timothy Rodgers Jr.
A visit...

It’s easy to get lost in knowing the brevity of the breaths we take.

“Leave it all to fate.” some would say - but I often find it best if I don’t go that way.

Routes like those tend to leave you a bit miserable -so I made my decision to…

visit you.

But someone else was kissin’ you…

Timothy Rodgers Jr.